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4. Wedding Budget



When you are asked the "big question", things are so beautiful and the moments are filled with romance and joy. But let's face it, planning a Wedding can get out of hands and become a very stressful time if there is no realistic plan and a budget to follow.  Specially, planning a Wedding in Vancouver, BC can really turn out to be very expensive if there's no budget.

At Katsura Designs, we recommend our brides to start out by having a budget and do everythings possible to stick to it.  If this is not the first step of the Wedding process, most likely that you will "google" beautiful wedding images of all kinds, and end up wanting it all, or more than you and your fiancee could affort. If money isn't an issue, then, go for it! But if you are like most of us who need to be careful with our spending, then the best thing you can do as a couple is plan your budget, before you plan the wedding.  This will save you a lot of stressful moments.

To help you with your planning, we have included a free budget planning file that you can download here.  This file is available in an xls format (excel) for you to fill out the blanks.  Please email us so we can send it to you, for free. 

 The budget file attached is just an idea of the main things that you might be having at your Wedding. The percentages are based on north american average costs, but specifically for Vancouver, it will depend on where your priorities are and on what items you prefer to spend more. For example, for some brides, the decor part is the most important part of the wedding.  For others, the honeymoon, or the photography.  Depending on your personal preferences, adjust the budget as needed.  Please inquire about this file, as we do have it available in excel format, for free.  Email us


There are a few main sections that you need to include in your budget (download our free budget planning file) :

1. Wedding Coordinator (if you'd like to have someone with experience guiding you throughout the process).

2. Stationary (invitations, thank you cards, and so on)

3. Floral Decor 

4. Ceremony and Reception location (and related expenses)

6. Catering

7. Photography 

8. Bridal gown (plus make-up, hair do, and other related expenses)

9. Groom's expenses (tux, shoes, and so on)

10. Video, Photography and music

11.  Gifts and favors

12. Honeymoon






Happy Planning!

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