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1. Choosing a Wedding Florist


In this Article we will give you tips about comparing and choosing your Wedding Florist

When it comes down to comparing Florists, there are some things that you need to consider.   If you merely choose based on price, you might be risking design, size,  service, materials, elegance, quality, and so on.  If you go for high prices, you might be getting ripped off.  Or, if you go merely by size, for example, you might be getting a lot of fillers.  


The best thing to do is choose by reputation and honesty, plus a mix of the qualities we mention below:

- Passion (do they know that this is the most important day of your life? Will you be just another client or will they enjoy working with you?)

- Lovely work (do you like what they do?)

- Location (can you come to them, or can they come to you?)

- Experience 

- Deposit required, payment options, payment methods

- Flexibility to make changes (when can you make your last change?)

- Reputation and honesty

- Friendliness (do you feel comfortable with them?)

- Variety of product and services

- Quality of product and services

- Set-up, take-down and delivery (are these services available?)

- Availability and Response (do they get back to you quick enough? do they address your comments and questions?)

- Flexibility to work within a budget (do they offer alternatives for working around your budget? Do they do any size of events?)

It is safer to go with someone that meets most of the requirements mentioned above. Choose someone that you know will make your arrangements look gorgeous, and work with any size of budget. 


Quality matters

Sometimes Brides fall in the temptation of asking “well, how flowers exactly does that include?” as when a florist gives you a number, such as “12 roses in your bouquet”, you will still not have an exact visual of what would look like.  Are the large heads (blooms)? Are the Premium Roses? Are you adding fillers or greenery? Etc.  Being that flowers are a product of nature, they bloom at different times, and grow at different sizes.  If a florist commits to  “12 roses”, he/she will give you only that.  However, if your Florist is honest and experienced, he/she will give you the most for what you are paying for. For example, when we personally receive a client who asks for 12 roses, we give them 12 roses. But when we receive a client that says “I love this design, but I only have a budget of $40 per centerpiece”, then we will do our best to use the most amount of premium or highest quality flowers ever possible to work within that budget.  If some of the flowers, for example, arrived too small or haven’t bloomed enough, we will certainly compensate for that. In the end, our clients get the best and more this way. 

If your florist is not honest, however, this will mean receiving low quality flowers and/or materials and probably lots of fillers.    Be sure that when they quote something to you, you know if they are contemplating adding fillers, or greenery, or cheaper flowers.   When our descriptions say something like “Roses, Lilies and Hydrangeas”, we will not add any fillers, or any greenery.  When a client asks us to do so, then you will see it in the description. 

Flowers also come in various quality standards. While someone might be quoting 12 high quality roses, another one might be quoting you “as many as we can fit within your budget, using only premium flowers” .  These are hard descriptions to compare, right?

The always forgotten items are materials.  Some florists will walk the extra mile to ensure that your flowers remain as fresh as possible for your event, and to help you use them as giveaways for your guests.  Other florists will not want to add anything other than the flowers to the arrangements.  This also falls into the quality of service and passion being provided.

Our recommendation is that you do not base your decision on unique aspects, such as price or quality or size, etc.  Choose the Florist that you feel a good rapport with, is experienced and most importantly, honest.  He/she will help you get the best for your budget.

For help helping you prepare a Flower budget, visit “Budgeting your Wedding Flowers

We hope this article gave you some insight about some of the things that you should consider when choosing your wedding florist.


Happy Planning,

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